Torture is an intense feeling of suffering. This suffering can be spiritual or physical. Giving an end to a torture is something that everyone under its influence wishes to get rid of it in any way possible and tries to go away from it as soon as possible. In other words, what we all agree upon is the fact that torture is and suffering in general makes life miserable. However, there is something that we do not have unanimity; it is the fact that how we should deal with it.

There are two main approaches towards the solution of the problem of spiritual of physical torture which people everyday experience. The first is the solution of suicide and the second the solution of facing the problem. Every party of supporters has its own arguments in this issue and we will try to have a look at them.

The basic argument of the pro-premature death is that tremendous pain and suffering of person can be saved. Otherwise stated, when you suffer you should give an end to your life. This approach matches at some extent with our famous Doctor Adhamudhi’s view. Dr Adhamudhi stated that if you suffer from one leg, cut it off to save the other and if one of your eyes hurts, dig it out to save the other. But, surprisingly enough he did not accept the idea that when your if you have an headache, you should cut off your head to “save” your body. The question rises, what do the agreers of this attitude save when they chose to die? Better they would be described as cowards that are disable to face life and weak people who are disable to bear life and to find solutions of the tortures they suffer.

On the other hands, the are a other party that claims one should not suicide when under torture, of course I do not mean the masochists, that we should false the problems, sufferings and tortures we experience with bravery and find out solutions for them.
To begin with, I want to discuss an argument which is much provided when death penalty is concerned. It is the fact that God gave life to people and only God has the right to take it way form them. So, no one can be brave enough to pretend that if they want they can give an end to their life, claiming that it is their life and they do whatever they want with it. As a matter of fact, God when gives life to somebody, he prohibits everyone else to take it away from them, and even the person himself or herself.

Another topic of importance would be, as discussed at the beginning, that torture can be spiritual and physical. When somebody suffers spiritually is it right to suicide? Of course not! There are thousands of solutions, just a little try helps. Then why suicide when you could live a happy life after e depressing event in your life? As long as physical, when God created the illnesses, along with them created the cure of them all. This means that no one should think that no healing is possible for them and so let’s kindly stop for death as she could not stop for us. So, in both cases suicide is the wrong choice.

Life is difficult and miserable some time, but life is also beautiful and marvelous some time. So let’s push ourselves life the best lives we can rather than cut the chain of life in the middle and not live anymore. Do not forget that people cry when others die, not when others live. In fact, only the brave live the life.